Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read my gibberish. Another blog like the million others out there you think? Well, you are right on. This is just another blog but with a tiny difference – it is my story.

I haven’t written anything serious in a while and recently Facebook hasn’t exactly been the right medium for me to express myself. My reason for opting for a personal blog is to exert some sort of control and impose my idea of order around my contents. I still visit and use other social network sites, however, this is my sanctuary. I intend to take you on a lifelong journey into my somewhat complex mind and view of the world happening around me.


Like everything in life, one needs a reason to embark on any adventure, mission or daily existence. I am very active on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, however of late, I feel those sites can get a bit noisy. Too many contents streaming past with very little means to bookmark and review past contents.

Owning a blog is also my simple ploy to leave my cyber footprint in history. Do I intend to be the greatest blogger that ever lived? Well, only time will tell.

I intend to use blogging as a means to improve my writing and vocabulary as a whole. With so much time on social media and making heavy use of abbreviations to express thoughts, I noticed my spelling is slowly getting bad by the day. Blogging is my recovery plan.


Disclaimer: I will like to emphasize the point that I don’t count myself an expert in any field. I am just a regular blog observing and going through everyday life with a focus on picking up lessons as I go.

Topics I will write about include but not limited to:

  • Technology
  • Inspirational views
  • Religious views
  • General observations
  • Hilarious moments I witnessed

Frequency of Post

My plan, in the long run, is to have one post every week. I can’t promise I will be consistent but hey I got to start somewhere. Enough of the talk lets crack on with it.