If you consume a lot of Internet resources, we keep a record of pages we visited or hope to re-visit at a later date. Modern day browsers provide a feature called Bookmarks. Bookmarks stores links to pages or articles you found interesting and you wish to revisit another time. Working with bookmarks on your local machine is the easy part, the trouble comes when you use different machines during the course of your week (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phones).

Why do you need this? Firstly, bookmark features in browsers work but are not very friendly when you need to search through them. And how many times have you actually gone back to visit a bookmark that isn’t fixed on your Bookmark bar?

The second reason for a self-hosted bookmarking service is in situations where you use different browsers for some reason. In my case, when I am at home on my Mac, I use Google Chrome while in the office I am mostly on FireFox. There are times I want to revisit sites I viewed while at home but will have to wait till Close of Day.

Before you say there are services and plugins out there that solve this bookmarking problem, I will say yes and my favorite is Instapaper. I have used Instapaper for years but the problem I face is searching for bookmarks. It does offer features like exporting your bookmarks as RSS feeds which you can then subscribe to using an RSS reader like Feedly. Because searching is not allowed on Instapaper unless you shell out some cash, I decided why not build one. It is simple to do.

Introducing Jobi-Marklet

Jobi-Marklet is an over the weekend idea to create a simple Bookmarking service just like Instapaper. This is also an initiative to contribute to the open source community by documenting the steps I took to build the product. This will help beginning programmers to have something to play with, tweak and improve. The project will start out as simple as possible and over time I will add more features as I see fit or as requested. The entire project will be hosted on Github.

Tech Stack

The project will be made up of a Web Page for managing bookmarks, a Bookmark plugin for Chrome, Firefox and maybe Safari (If I get around to it). The project will be built on the following stack:

  • Angular 2
  • Laravel Lumen
  • Javascript/HTML/CSS for the Browser Plugin part of the project.
  • Some database (MySQl or Postgres or SQLite)
  • PHP Testing toold (PhpUnit, Codeception)

I will publish and document my project task on Trello. Click here to view my Trello board.

Feel free to email suggestions or create PRs or suggest features I should work on. Also remember, I am using this opportunity to sharpen my skill and learn new tools and frameworks.