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Gitkraken makes working with Git a breeze

I have been itching to write a blog article but haven’t recovered from my writer’s block just yet. So I thought maybe instead I should post a video. So in this article, I post of video introducing a favourite tool of mine called GitKraken. Gitkraken is a GUI told built to make working with your Git Repository a breeze. After I adopted GitKraken, I don’t see myself spending that much time on the command line unless I have to.

I hope you enjoy this video and feel free to leave a comment.

How I settled for a MacBook Pro as my development machine

I have never been an Apple fan, never owned an iPod, iPhone or any Apple device. As a matter of fact I always found them unnecessarily expensive when they basically have the same hardware feature as other computers. Today however, I won’t still call myself an Apple fan but I do own a MacBook Pro 2013 13\” laptop. So why did I settle for a MacBook Pro in the end? Well it’s a long story.

The last laptop I owned was a HP Presario which came with Windows 7 and powered by a Dual Core Intel processor. I actually ripped out the Windows setup for Ubuntu Linux for 5 years. Five years for a Laptop is pretty long and is considered donkey old. With each Ubuntu upgrade, the OS demanded more power and I started experiencing slow response time. It was time to upgrade.

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