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The Power User – The terminal is really your friend

I have been using Linux for the past 10 years and will in no way consider myself a Power User. I  can do a thing or two, I have a little amount of system administration skills and I am not afraid of the terminal. Running a few commands here and there is something every Linux enthusiast is comfortable doing. Being a Software developer for a couple of years, I am usually intrigued by anything that looks cryptic and feels like programming and so the terminal plays a big part in my everyday existence.

Recently, I have been working a lot with the Bash scripting language/tool. My bash programming isn’t that legendary but with the help of Google and Stackoverflow, I can easily look up syntaxes for Bash statements and eventually get my intended task done. I recently had a task in the office that required me to work with a 200MB+ sized file. CSV files are the simplest file format you get to work with in most programming environments. Usually when you want to generate a report that can easily be opened in a spreadsheet application and also easily consumed by a machine.

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Gitkraken makes working with Git a breeze

I have been itching to write a blog article but haven’t recovered from my writer’s block just yet. So I thought maybe instead I should post a video. So in this article, I post of video introducing a favourite tool of mine called GitKraken. Gitkraken is a GUI told built to make working with your Git Repository a breeze. After I adopted GitKraken, I don’t see myself spending that much time on the command line unless I have to.

I hope you enjoy this video and feel free to leave a comment.

Unboxing the WileyFox Swift 2 Plus

So this is my first unboxing video and I didn’t do much planning. I simply wanted to make a video and put it out there. After a few years using the Nexus 5 phone, my phone finally was giving up on me. It has lasted and served me well. Taken all the abuses, I have flashed, re-flashed, unflashed and done so much to it, I think it is time to let it rest in peace.

So what happens to my Nexus 5? I plan to use it as a development phone (When I finally take mobile development seriously). So find embedded in this post, my unboxing of the WileyFox Swift 2 Plus. For more details on the phone and company, visit the links below:

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