Online shopping as made finding what you want easy. Online shopping has also made it easy to spend a quick buck to get whatever you buy delivered to your doorstep. I woke up today with a plan to shoot some video and would like carry my Tripod stand with me. When I bought my cheap affordable Tripod stand, it didn’t come with a carry bag and so most time I just grab it by a leg and roam the streets.

Today, however, I felt like having a bag you can throw over your shoulder will make walking about with this stand easy. And so I began to look for cheap affordable Tripod stand bags. I looked at the popular online stores from our tried and trusted Amazon, Currys, eBay and a few random stores that the Google result presented. Let me start by saying, I realized searching for this item was easier on eBay than on most stores.  I tried a few phrases – Camcorder Stand Bag, Camera stand bag, Camera carry on bag. I didn’t get anything close enough until I searched Ebay and found out what I was looking for is usually called a Tripod Stand Bag. So technical if you ask me.

With my newly discovered vocabulary for the three-legged camera stand, I went back to the big stores searching for Tripod Stand Bag. I got few relevant results from the big stores except eBay.  Looking at the prices and delivery dates, prices for the bags were pretty high. The prices ranged from £11.00 upwards and this will be delivered in 2 days. I was hoping to find something I could walk in and collect. eBay at this point is out of the question. I had two options: do something ingenious or go about the old way holding onto a leg of the stand.

While I was pondering over the ordeal of walking about like a poor camera man without a tripod bag, an idea crossed my mind. I usually keep a lot of shopping bags around and a few weeks ago, I did buy something that came in a bag and the handle of that bag felt really sturdy. So I went to my stash of gift bags, found the one I was looking for, tore out the hand and DIY session began. I had some glue at home, a pair of scissors, some tape and the young creative genius in me awoke.

The result of my idea is as seen below. Total time it took me to get this done is 10 minutes or less if you take out the time it took me to find the items I needed. The total cost of the DIY project is £0 and it saved me 11 bucks and a couple of days waiting for delivery.









Now I am thinking, maybe I should have the second handle attached along the length of the box. A second handle along the length will make it easy to hold horizontally. I am also considering wrapping the entire box in transparent tape to make it water resistant.

Let me know what you think and also feel free to share your any DIY adventures you have had.