Online shopping as made finding what you want easy. Online shopping has also made it easy to spend a quick buck to get whatever you buy delivered to your doorstep. I woke up today with a plan to shoot some video and would like carry my Tripod stand with me. When I bought my cheap affordable Tripod stand, it didn’t come with a carry bag and so most time I just grab it by a leg and roam the streets.

Today, however, I felt like having a bag you can throw over your shoulder will make walking about with this stand easy. And so I began to look for cheap affordable Tripod stand bags. I looked at the popular online stores from our tried and trusted Amazon, Currys, eBay and a few random stores that the Google result presented. Let me start by saying, I realized searching for this item was easier on eBay than on most stores.  I tried a few phrases – Camcorder Stand Bag, Camera stand bag, Camera carry on bag. I didn’t get anything close enough until I searched Ebay and found out what I was looking for is usually called a Tripod Stand Bag. So technical if you ask me.

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