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Automating my local PHP Server Startup For Local Testing

Today I decided to apply my little knowledge of Bash scripting and automate a task I perform routinely for my Markets project. What is also interesting is the fact I am testing my DIY Acoustic Box for my Microphone (Image Below). Do share this article and if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to add that to the comment below.

DIY Sounding Proofing system

Building a Self hosted Bookmarking service

If you consume a lot of Internet resources, we keep a record of pages we visited or hope to re-visit at a later date. Modern day browsers provide a feature called Bookmarks. Bookmarks stores links to pages or articles you found interesting and you wish to revisit another time. Working with bookmarks on your local machine is the easy part, the trouble comes when you use different machines during the course of your week (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Phones).

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