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Automating my local PHP Server Startup For Local Testing

Today I decided to apply my little knowledge of Bash scripting and automate a task I perform routinely for my Markets project. What is also interesting is the fact I am testing my DIY Acoustic Box for my Microphone (Image Below). Do share this article and if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to add that to the comment below.

DIY Sounding Proofing system

The Power User – The terminal is really your friend

I have been using Linux for the past 10 years and will in no way consider myself a Power User. I  can do a thing or two, I have a little amount of system administration skills and I am not afraid of the terminal. Running a few commands here and there is something every Linux enthusiast is comfortable doing. Being a Software developer for a couple of years, I am usually intrigued by anything that looks cryptic and feels like programming and so the terminal plays a big part in my everyday existence.

Recently, I have been working a lot with the Bash scripting language/tool. My bash programming isn’t that legendary but with the help of Google and Stackoverflow, I can easily look up syntaxes for Bash statements and eventually get my intended task done. I recently had a task in the office that required me to work with a 200MB+ sized file. CSV files are the simplest file format you get to work with in most programming environments. Usually when you want to generate a report that can easily be opened in a spreadsheet application and also easily consumed by a machine.

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