Part of being an adult is working. It could be running your business or being an employee. Sometimes this aspect of life gets to you and you decided it is time for a holiday. And so this write up is about my back from holiday experience.

I work as a Software Developer and if you ask anyone who has worked in London for any number of years, you will learn how eager people are seeking to take a break from London. I got to this point where I needed an escape. Change of scenery, no tubes, no running after buses, no thinking of what to do next. Just complete freedom from it all. At this point, the universe is screaming – VACATION. And that is what I did – I went on a vacation.

Destination Malta. I went on a week holiday in Malta and boy it was the exact escape I needed. Prior to this, I did have to struggle with the decision to either take or leave my laptop behind. If you have dealt with Software developers before, you would have learned the fact that they do love their Technology. So I did leave my laptop behind for a good cause but picked up an old tablet of mine just in case I needed to google something << insert smiley face >>.

Talking about my Malta trip isn’t the point of this post and I don’t really have a point to make but just wanted to share an experience. So after a week in Malta, I am back at my office desk and ready to resume work as usual. With renewed energy, vigor, I turned on my laptop, logged in and opened up Keepass. Now for those who don’t know what Keepass is, it is a password vault. I store a lot of the login credentials to all company assets from the database login credential to password credentials of several administrative panels. My company exerts some password standards and if you are a decent IT guy, you surely know the importance of a secure password. Using Keepass, I only need 1 master password and I will be granted access to all the passwords stored in the vault.

Turning on my laptop with a smile didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. I opened up Keepass, typed in my password and got the dreaded “Invalid Password” message. Gave it a second try and still no success. I do remember my password at least my passwords are pronounceable. After several failed attempts, I realized all the while, I relied on muscle memory every morning I sat at my desk to work. This wasn’t good and it is too early in the week to start asking Sys Admin to reset all password credentials. So what did I do? I continue working with the little accessed I had thanks to cookies in the browser.

Two hours past and I still couldn’t get into the vault. My colleague next to me suggested I take a break and stop thinking about it and so I did. Stepped out for a cup of coffee, drank two glasses of water, hit the Gentlemen’s Powder room. While I was in there, it occurred to me I was pronouncing my password wrong. And due to my wrong pronunciation, I had switched a character at a certain position from “e” to “o”. I got back to my desk, energized and in 2 seconds, I logged into the vault. The day is saved but now I am worried and  I ask the question – “How do I prevent this from happening again?”.