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Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience working with a diverse set of programming languages, toolsets and teams. Passionate about Software Development Methodologies (Agile), Data Processing workflow, Cloud and Continuous integration. Always on the path to learning and keeping up to date.

The millionaire thought

I woke today with a weird thought of the term - "A Millionaire". What qualifies a millionaire? Is it the amount of money in his bank account, or is it something else? Is it the size of his Real Estate?

There are ways to rack up millions in your bank account, like saving for 20 years until your savings hit the million mark. Does that make this person a millionaire? There is also the option of investing in something that brings in money, and if you grow the pot large enough, every influx is in the millions. Which is the true definition of a millionaire?

While writing this article on my commute, I decided to ask the reliable Internet for the definition of a millionaire. I learned it isn't necessarily about the cash at hand but about the net worth of a person. When you sum up everything about a person minus liabilities, is it a million worth?

An excerpt from an article I read on The Roots website below describes the life of a millionaire in simple terms.

So how do you become a millionaire? Contrary to the common perception, the typical American millionaire lives a moderate lifestyle. A recent Washington Post article provided surprising characteristics about America’s millionaires. Their median income is $131,000 and their average home price is $320,000. The everyday millionaire is a saver. Only 20 % of them received their wealth from inheritance. Over recurring pattern is that millionaire's are scrupulous with their money. Very few of them drive foreign cars and most work regular jobs or operate small businesses. They are literally the millionaires next door and they’ve gotten here because they understand that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. -


Not exactly

Craving A Day Of Nothingness

Every day is filled with something to achieve. And from the moment you become an adult, start working, it never stops. As a child, we had the luxury of our parents taking care of the business of worrying about the future and bills. While growing up, you asked for toys, but you were told you had to grow up, get a job and then you can buy anything you wanted. Truth is, you weren’t being told the whole story.

Adulthood, as I have come to realise for a while now, screams of survival, bills and responsibilities. You realised even after going through school and finally getting a reasonable job that paid you enough to buy for yourself the toys you once dreamed, the responsibility of paying your bills, making sure you have some savings for the rainy day takes priority over everything else. This post isn’t really about adulthood, but it does emphasise an aspect of adulthood I have been thinking about as of late.

As time goes on, I have come to realise I crave moments were I spend my day doing nothing. I want lazy moments. The last couple of months have been busy, and I can’t exactly remember the last weekend I actually stayed home and did something. By nothing, I mean not doing anything for myself that wasn’t a necessity. It also doesn’t help that most time I am having a somewhat busy week and just crave to be in bed and hopefully sleep well enough to be refreshed.

I crave the moment where I would do whatever pleased that wouldn’t be tied to a grand plan of achieving some goal in life. Maybe it is just a phase, but sometimes I do wish to leave the busy side of

Being you and shinning regardless

A tweet triggered this post. I looked at an individual's profile and read their short bio and why they made arts and posted for free and occasionally selling some. They had a different job but did crafts as a hobby and looking at their Etsy page and Instagram profile, I was impressed, and the work looked lovely.
The tweet brought out the feeling I had in the last weekend; I was doing a lot of coding which to the non-technical may not make sense. But I was enjoying what I did to the point I had to tell myself when to go to bed less I stay up all night. There was a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of even putting in more time to this venture.
So what am I trying to say here:

You will be the happiest being who you are. It doesn't matter whether it makes sense to others or not. Do what you love and let your light shine regardless.

A sense of depression or lack of accomplishment will be felt when you hide who you are. If you are passionate about something, keep doing it, share it with others, talk about it. It doesn't matter if you get applauds or not. You feel a sense of loss or lack of achievement when you don't share or demonstrate your passion.

Do you love video games? Play them, share them, talk about them. It doesn't matter if people think playing video games makes you immature. Truth is when you drop the thing you love to conform to an expectation which isn't you, you lose. You just dimmed your light to, and the truth is the folks expecting this will not care to applaud you when you conform to meet their expectation.

Never let your light
Retrospective on 2018. Part 1 - The Human Experience

I usually don't write about the year gone by, and we also know at this time of the year there will be a flood of 2018 review articles and some looking to 2019. I have always reflected on the year past like everyone has but keeping a record of my thought hasn't been done before. I decided to write this down as a memoir to myself. It would be great to have this recorded somewhere I can review as we experience 2019.

I have broken the write up into two parts, with a focus on two essential aspects of my life. I intend to write about the Human and Techie elements of 2018. At every point in time, I seem to exhibit two personalities, the human side which deals with everyday living as a human and there is the Tech side lurking behind. The Techie articles will be a follow up to this. Let's begin with the Human Experience.

The year 2018 has been a year of surprises, learning and a year I spent looking to streamline my view of the world, figure out what works and develop emotionally, spiritually and aim for peace of mind. To keep my thoughts coherent, I have chosen to break my points into the following headings:

  • Relationships
  • The Opinion Filter
  • Strength in adversity
  • Time management
  • Social media


Relationships form the crux of our very existence. No matter the form a relationship takes, we are always seeking to bond with people or pets as the case may apply. The type of relationships and the strength of those bonds does shape our state of mind from experiencing happiness, sadness, loneliness etc. This year has been a year of figuring out my relationships and how I react to them.

As kids, forming relationships was easy, we