The millionaire thought

I woke today with a weird thought of the term - "A Millionaire". What qualifies a millionaire? Is it the amount of money in his bank account, or is it something else? Is it the size of his Real Estate?

There are ways to rack up millions in your bank account, like saving for 20 years until your savings hit the million mark. Does that make this person a millionaire? There is also the option of investing in something that brings in money, and if you grow the pot large enough, every influx is in the millions. Which is the true definition of a millionaire?

While writing this article on my commute, I decided to ask the reliable Internet for the definition of a millionaire. I learned it isn't necessarily about the cash at hand but about the net worth of a person. When you sum up everything about a person minus liabilities, is it a million worth?

An excerpt from an article I read on The Roots website below describes the life of a millionaire in simple terms.

So how do you become a millionaire? Contrary to the common perception, the typical American millionaire lives a moderate lifestyle. A recent Washington Post article provided surprising characteristics about America’s millionaires. Their median income is $131,000 and their average home price is $320,000. The everyday millionaire is a saver. Only 20 % of them received their wealth from inheritance. Over recurring pattern is that millionaire's are scrupulous with their money. Very few of them drive foreign cars and most work regular jobs or operate small businesses. They are literally the millionaires next door and they’ve gotten here because they understand that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. -


Not exactly

Ode To Our Unsung Heroes
Cheers to those who keep pushing ahead in life. Who keep aspiring for greatness despite the nagging voice that tells you to quit. To give up because it is easier than sustaining this fight. Cheers to those who chase dreams above their current station, who don't see the future through the lens of this day. Cheers to those who rise and refuse to be put down. Cheers to those who persevere and beat the odds no matter how long it takes. Cheers to those who refuse to be put down by the negativity about us today. Cheers to those who stand tall and yet shoulder responsibilities quietly but grace each day with renewed hope of a better tomorrow. You unsung heroes, uncelebrated veteran. Rise again for another day is yet upon us, dreams to chase, the wind to sail in and hope to water. Rise warriors for glory awaits you on the other side.

The above came to mind while making my way to work on a Thursday morning. I have a 1.5 hours commute to work every weekday and in order to make it to the office on time, I usually need out of the house by 7am (it used to be 6:30am). I know the time isn't the worse as I know others who have to be out of the house way earlier. But you see I moved form a Job that allowed me to make it to the office for 10 AM and this right now is new for me.

In total, I have 3 to 4 hours of commute from my door to work and back and somedays with a combination of weather, train signal failures and other things going on in my life, I do wish I could change my situation. But despite