Craving A Day Of Nothingness

Every day is filled with something to achieve. And from the moment you become an adult, start working, it never stops. As a child, we had the luxury of our parents taking care of the business of worrying about the future and bills. While growing up, you asked for toys, but you were told you had to grow up, get a job and then you can buy anything you wanted. Truth is, you weren’t being told the whole story.

Adulthood, as I have come to realise for a while now, screams of survival, bills and responsibilities. You realised even after going through school and finally getting a reasonable job that paid you enough to buy for yourself the toys you once dreamed, the responsibility of paying your bills, making sure you have some savings for the rainy day takes priority over everything else. This post isn’t really about adulthood, but it does emphasise an aspect of adulthood I have been thinking about as of late.

As time goes on, I have come to realise I crave moments were I spend my day doing nothing. I want lazy moments. The last couple of months have been busy, and I can’t exactly remember the last weekend I actually stayed home and did something. By nothing, I mean not doing anything for myself that wasn’t a necessity. It also doesn’t help that most time I am having a somewhat busy week and just crave to be in bed and hopefully sleep well enough to be refreshed.

I crave the moment where I would do whatever pleased that wouldn’t be tied to a grand plan of achieving some goal in life. Maybe it is just a phase, but sometimes I do wish to leave the busy side of